Electric Tricycle - Cargo

Electric Cargo Tricycle - Messenger

Don't waste your money for expensive gasoline


Electric Cargo Tricycle Messenger Electric Cargo Tricycle Messenger Electric Cargo Tricycle Messenger Electric Cargo Tricycle Messenger Electric Cargo Tricycle Messenger
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Product specification:

Model Messenger
Motor 800W / Direct Current Rear Axle & 100% waterproof
Battery 60V / 120AH
Battery type lead acid
Distance to drive max. 80 km and average 70 km with one charge
Maximum Speed 30 km/h
Max. Loading capcity 350 kg
Chargeing time 6-8 hours
Dry weight 60kg
Cargo Tray Size L(48) x W(32) x H(18) inches
Tire Size 4.50-12

Reduce your delivery cost
A typical water delivery business can consume on average 2.8 liters of gasoline per day costing an average of at least 150 Pesos with a cargo load of 240kg. plus 2 passengers which travels an average of 60km.
By using an electric delivery tricycle, you instantly reduce your delivery expenses by up to 65% or more. This translates to huge amounts of savings and increase profits.

Gasoline Trike: 56.00 Pesos/liter x 2.8 liter/day = 156.80 Pesos/day x 30days = 4,705.00 Pesos/month for gas expenses
Electric Trike: 12.50/kwh x 3.7kwh/day = 46.25 Pesos/day x 30 days = 1387.50/month electric expense
Your savings: 3,317.50 per month!cool
*Data gathered from study of actual water and food delivery business.

Great benefits of The Messenger in your Business

Energy efficient: Electric motors convert 75% of the chemical energy from the batteries to the wheels. Gas engine converts only 20% of the energy. This fact is evident in heavy traffic as we tend to loose fuel faster in traffic as compared to high speed. Your water or food delivery business also have the same high frequency of stop and go. E-Trikes will give you huge savings due to efficient energy use.

Environmentally friendly: E-Trikes emit no tailpipe emissions, The electric motors give quiet, smooth operation and stronger acceleration with very little maintenance. The power plant producing the electricity are more efficient in producing electricity.

Performance benefits: It's rear cargo layout makes our E-Trike Small enough to squeeze through tight roads and alley. It’s rigid enough to carry heavy loads. Our electric vehicle ensures on time delivery your goods in places previously unreachable by big side car motorcycles.

Driving range: Our Electric delivery vehicles can run up to 80 kilometers before needs recharging.
Although this may depend on Cargo load, terrain and traffic condition.

Recharge time: Fully recharging the battery pack can take 6 to 8 hours. Quick Charge mode can store the battery to 60% capacity in 1.5hours